DOCUMENTS IN DISPUTE – Forensic Document Examination

Diplomat of the Board of Forensic Document Examiners

Forensic document examination is the practice of document examination for the purposes of the law. Forensic document examination relates to the examination of:

  • handwriting
  • typewriting
  • the authenticity of signatures
  • alterations in documents
  • the significance of inks and papers
  • photocopying processes
  • printing processes
  • writing instruments
  • sequence of writing
  • other elements of a document relative to its authenticity or spuriousness

Lynda Hartwick is a board certified forensic document examiner and certified fraud examiner, who has been in private practice since 1992. A retired police detective who has U.S. Secret Service training, Lynda’s analysis includes technical examinations for alterations, additions and/or deletions, obliterations, authorship, typeface styles and source of a document. Lynda has a fully equipped laboratory and a portable lab for on-site examinations.


  • Board Certification as a Forensic Document Examiner.
  • Private practice since 1992.
  • United States Secret Service training in forensic document examination.
  • Federal Court qualified expert witness.
  • Non-destructive determination of eradication, alteration, indentation or addition to documents and writings.
  • Examination and comparison of handwriting, hand printing, typewriting, and facsimiles.
  • Signature authentication.
  • Writer identification.
  • Deciphering of obliteration.
  • Certified Police Academy Instructor, licensed by The State of Missouri.